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About Truck and Fins

Meet Haroun Cherif, an amateur skateboarder and surfer, whose journey began at the age of 42 when he took up skateboarding. In December 2019, he founded Trucks and Fins upon realizing the absence of a unified website with all the skateparks in Portugal. Driven by his passion for skateboarding and a desire to create a resource for the skater community, he set out to map every skatepark in the country.

After extensively traveling across Portugal and personally visiting all the parks, Haroun's ambition soared, and he decided to tackle an unprecedented challenge: mapping out skateparks worldwide, a feat never successfully accomplished before. Over the last three years, Haroun diligently built the largest skatepark database globally and was able to visit 609 skateparks himself. He invested significant personal savings and time to develop an interactive skate map that now serves skaters all over the globe.

Trucks and Fins has grown into an immense community, comprising passionate skaters, photographers, skatepark designers, builders, shops, and schools. This incredible project owes its success to their invaluable support. Thanks to the generous contributions of businesses signing up and purchasing banners, the project remains sustainable. Additionally, skatepark hunters play a crucial role by capturing quality photos of skateparks and pumptracks, enriching the map with valuable visual content.

The project's success is a collective effort, and Trucks and Fins welcomes anyone who wishes to contribute. Whether you can take captivating photos of your local skatepark, have a skate story that deserves to be shared, need assistance building a skatepark, or want to support the project by adding a banner to the site, don't hesitate to reach out. Join our mission and help us continue celebrating the global skateboarding community!



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